Mafio (pre production)

Upcomming Iphone, Ipad App

The Beginning 

Clearly everybody loves mario, regardless of your age! however not every one prefers to play mario on Nintendo devices such as the Wii or the Nintendo DS, whouldnt it be great if the classic Mario games was available on mobile devices?  such as Iphones, Ipods, Ipads and potentially on Android devices? sadly due to Nintendo owning all of the rights to the Mario franchise that will not be happening any time soon also due to copyright laws Mario will never hop onto the App Store. However Mafio is the next best thing, an astonishingly spectacular game which is loosely based on the original mario game series.  The current status of Mafio is pre production, the team at Lomanov Industries™ are planing the character scenarios and game concepts. In the next post we plan to release a few characters with the hope that readers will be able to vote for the most appealing one. 

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